Request for Information

NASA Ames Research Center is a federal R&D facility located at the core of the research cluster of high-tech companies, start-ups, world-class universities and national laboratories that define the San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area region's character. With over $3.0 billion in facilities, 2,500 researchers, scientists and technology developers, and an approximate $900 million annual operating budget, Ames plays a critical role in virtually all NASA aeronautical and space exploration endeavors. We conduct research and develop technologies that enable NASA missions, fuel American markets for goods and services and enhance the quality of life on Earth.

One of our goals is to expand public/private partnerships. At Ames, we recognize that our nation faces technical challenges, limited resources, and unpredictable market forces. We believe that establishing tighter and deeper relationships with our overall community is key to addressing these challenges.

We are pleased to offer an opportunity to outside organizations to present the strengths and capabilities they currently have that may help NASA with its mission. It will also be an opportunity to describe challenges that could be addressed in a mutually beneficial way.

If you are interested in participating in such a meeting (estimate a 1.5 hour meeting with a 45 minute presentation followed by a 45 minute discussion session), please forward a synopsis of your intended presentation to in order to start the process. Date, time and location will be communicated later in the process.